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Cloudy Fog


The social side of Crypto is brutally fake. Everybody tell their stories of euphoria but when the tide goes out hardly anyone has anything to show for the good times. On the other hand as I sit here and write (Nov 14 2022) ETH and BTC are 70+% discounted from their all time high and I haven't heard a word about crypto since April. If crypto is here to stay...then this a massive buying opportunity, a second chance for so many investors, yet not a word.

Market Psychology is an interesting thing. One could probably run a successful portfolio based solely off of how much his/her "crypto investor" friends are talking.

This blog isn't here to give you the next big play in crypto or pick the next outstanding altcoin. It's just here to incentivize good education, investment habits, historical events, broad market outlook, social pressures, etc.

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